Consulting a barrister

When Does It Make Sense to Consult a Barrister?
for an Anticipatory Consultation

You should consult the barrister as early as possible, while there is usually maximum room for manoeuvring. Information and advice obtained early often prevent an emotionally and financially costly conflict. In simpler matters, in any case, information from complementary legal aid centres can be helpful. Here you can find the legal aid centre in your vicinity.

for Contractual Regulations

The barrister will provide you with expert advice in drawing up contracts and will help you find optimal solutions. Good contracts provide clear relationships and help reduce conflicts.

for Authentication and Accreditation

Cantonal law determines whether attorneys may also act as authenticators (notaries) to certify business transactions. This is subject to the law of the particular Canton in which your attorney is admitted to the bar. Even if your attorney is not admitted as an authenticator under Cantonal law, he or she will gladly advise you.

to Resolve Conflicts

The barrister becomes your advocate and helps to prevent the worsening of an existing dispute and to find a resolution.

to Represent You Before Courts and Governmental Bodies

The barrister possesses the necessary experience to conduct negotiations on your behalf, to represent you before courts and to advocate for you with government officials and bodies.

Try an initial consultation. To find a barrister, you have access to the online search, your source of information on addresses and telephone numbers, as well as attorneys’ preferred specialities and the languages they speak.