Education / Regulation

Clients without knowledge of the law must be able to count on an expert professional adviser, whom they can trust implicitly and to whom they can confide their personal business without reservation. Professional representation before a court of law is therefore the exclusive domain of the attorney.

Following completion of their university course of study, attorneys must complete an extensive period of practice in courts, as advocates or in administration before they are allowed to take the bar examination. Because the bar exam is extraordinarily demanding, several months’ preparation are required for the examination. Admission to the bar is the legal prerequisite for legal representation of parties in court procedures. Attorneys constantly keep up to date on the current status of jurisprudence and legal practice by reading professional periodicals and legal decisions. By means of focused continuing study, they constantly update their knowledge to keep pace with the rapid change and innovations in case law.

Attorneys must fulfil a number of professional obligations and are subject to strict regulation. You can find details on the responsible regulatory authorities here.